What exactly is an autosurf? Can you really make money?

Have you always wanted to work from home and earn a full online?

If you are like me you have been searching the net trying to find ways to make money online? I have been doing so for more than 8 years, and for the first i have finally stumbled on some programs that actually produce an for me. I currently make about $2,000 a month working these programs, but in less than 1 year i will be pulling in an of more than $10,000 a month.

Now let me tell you a about this online . Have you ever heard of an auto ? is a site that pays you to view a of website, similiar to watching TV commercials (Except you get Paid!)

How it works: It is so simple it seems unreal, but believe me it is true. All that you will have to do is everyday you will login, and surf. The surf is even automated, if you wanted you could even let it surf while you eat breakfast. When you surf the required number of sites you get paid a percentage of your . That is all there is to it! Sounds to easy huh? Believe me it works.

How you get paid: You can actually make money from auto surf sites without ever risking a penny of your own money. Ofcourse this method will take much longer for you to have a . How it works is when you sign up for the site, most auto surf sites give you a sign up bonus. For instance the main site we promote is StudioTraffic.com they give you $10 free for joining. This $10 is your member level, every day that you surf the required number of sites you will earn 1% of that free $10. Now that doesn’t seem like much, 1% of $10 is only $0.10 a day. Think of it like this though, that free $10 if you surf every day for 2 years and compound all your earning at the end of each month then you would be making $150 a day or $4,500 a month. Not bad huh? Ofcourse you can always upgrade your member level with your own money at any time to earn even more faster.

Now let me tell you about the key to your success in the auto surf industry. Studiotraffic is the to this industry, they have been around for more than 2 years and always pay on time. What seperates Studiotraffic aside from other autosurf sites is they have a network of sites they run that makes the revenue to pay its members. As you get involved in this industry you will see that alot of sites use earnings from new members to pay its existing members. Let me tell you that sites like this will never last. Even though this industry has enormous online income profit potential you have to be cautious of the sites that you join. As you know there are many scams on the internet and this industry is no different, so always use caution.

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