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The Power of the Press: Using Press Releases for SEO

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The Power of the Press: Using Press Releases for SEO Purposes

There are many techniques for search engine optimization (SEO), method of luring visitors to a particular website. One particularly useful technique is using press releases for SEO purposes. Press releases can provide excellent backlinks from news agencies to the websites being optimized. Such links are very powerful in attracting visitors, particularly those who read news regularly.

There are many opportune times to make press releases. It is best to do one when launching a new website, presenting new products to the market, when your website gets an award, when you transfer to another location, when you have closed big deals or made great sales, when you go beyond your target sales, or when your product or service gets certification from the government of a reputable 3rd party accreditation agency. When you make press releases for SEO purposes on these occasions, people recognize your site or products and become likely to get interested in them.

Of course not all press releases are good, there are millions of badly written press releases, which also prove quite futile for SEO purposes. Here are some tips that you can use to make your press releases useful:

1. Provide Useful Content readers love facts and if your company keeps statistics and figures of its operations, you can use them to entice your audience present your site in a credible manner. It is not enough to say that your product or company is good, you have to prove it by giving people facts.

2. Think like the audience when writing your press release, place yourself in the shoes of your would-be readers. Write in such a way that they would become engaged on what you are saying. One of the purposes of the press release is to invite people to check you out and you have to think in their perspective to achieve this.

3. Remember that you are making the press release for SEO purposes of course your priority is the content, but do not overlook the other important aspects of SEO such as keyword density. When writing the press release, have these keywords in mind, but do not go overboard by using them too much.

4. Do not be afraid to explore do not just get stuck with one distribution channel for your press releases. There are other venues for such purposes like RSS feeds, blogs, and other websites. Try spreading your press releases all over the place, not only in one news agency, but also in others.

5. Do not be afraid to ask for help a lot of press releases are bad because they were written by people working in the company, whose perspectives are too close to see things in the eyes of the readers. PR agencies are out and about for such purposes and there is nothing wrong in hiring them. However, choose a good PR agency, look at their previous works and see if they are interesting enough for you and if they are good in making press releases for SEO purposes.
6. Stay fresh once you have published your press release, keep updates about your company. Send out press releases once in a while to help remind people about you and your offerings. But do not overdo it, as if you give out press releases too frequently, people might just ignore you.

7. Entice readers to jump to your page write your press release in such a way that the readers would want to jump on to your website. If you have certain information to give in the press release, do not give everything there entirely. Keep the readers in suspense and tell them that if they can know more by visiting your site. This is after all the why you were using the press release for SEO purposes in the first place you want readers to go to your page.

8. Keep track of the results you would of course want to know if your press release is doing its work by tracking down how many people went to your site because of the release. Most PR companies would provide tracking services as part of the package or with just a little extra charge.

Press releases are not only good for your company, they are also good for your website. So go ahead and try using press releases for SEO purposes, and see how far you can go with such a remarkable tool.

The Majesty of Page Content: Why Unique Content is King

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The Majesty of Page Content: Why Unique Content is King for SEO

The Internet is indeed a remarkable invention, and it has been created primarily as a good source of information for anyone all over the world. Even new uses of the Internet has been created since it first boomed in popularity, it is still mainly used as an information center. People crave for information, and that is primarily why they surf the Internet in the first place, and thus any method of increasing popularity of a website must have good information dissemination prioritized. This is basically why unique content is king for SEO or search engine optimization.

Many SEO specialists emphasize on gaining top ranks on internet search engines by loading their content with popular keywords. Indeed this is important so that a particular website would be easy for Internet surfers to spot. However, the optimized content would be quite useless if it does not get visitors hooked to the site because it is uninteresting or unexceptional. The content should be unique and useful enough to keep visitors engaged in the site for it to be considered a king in search engine optimization.

The Internet is indeed full of websites that provide free content, but a lot of those sites just offer crappy articles that are so useless for the visitor because they are not worth visiting. When a visitor looks for information, they want to get something that provides them with special details that make them better informed. Not only should the content be uniquely informative, it should also be presented in a clear, easy-to-understand language that is grammatically correct. This is what content is king means, the content should be unique, instructive, and useful for it to be a viable material for SEO.

Since search engine optimization has become a hot thing among internet marketers, a lot of arguments have been made regarding what are the most important strategies to pull of SEO successfully. SEO specialists are indeed cunning in creating schemes for making their clients websites appear gleaming in search results by using link popularity, keyword density and other techniques. Sadly, however, many SEO experts have overlooked the very essence of the content of the websites they are marketing. But it is delightful to know that more and more SEO practitioners are recognizing that unique content is indeed king for their trade and thus they are taking careful steps to adhere to this adage.

Here are some important tips in making unique and kingly content for SEO:

1. Do Your Homework research is very important in creating unique and useful content for SEO. You can predict that there are already hundreds, or thousands, if not millions of websites created for the topic you are trying to promote, and thus it is important to create content that is extra special enough to entice visitors to continue visiting. Surfers love facts, especially those that they do not know yet, and it would be good if you can provide them with information that others could not. You may score greatly in search engine rankings by filling the page with hot keywords, but in the end, visitors will just dump your page if they do not find anything worth visiting there.

2. Maintain correct grammar and spelling not only do people look for unique content, they also want to get reliable and credible text. If they find any mistakes in your articles or write ups, they might think that the page is rather unprofessional and thus potentially discredit the website. The content should not only be unique and informative, it should appear to be reliable for it to be considered a king in SEO.

3. Make the layout interesting and easy on the yes the content itself is indeed king for SEO, however, you should not overlook the way you present the unique and useful content. People still are very much preoccupied by appearances and so even if you have the most unique and informative content, they would not like to spend time reading it if it is not pleasing to the eye. You do not really have to make things flashy, it just has to be pleasing enough to keep visitors engaged.

SEO is indeed a serious business that has to be implemented strategically. Your target is particularly on the look out for good and unique content, and thus you should consider content making the king of your SEO strategy.

A Win-Win Situation for All: Sponsor SEO Contests for SEO

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A Win-Win Situation for All: Sponsor SEO Contests for SEO Purposes

Companies often hold contests and all sorts of promotions in which they give away millions worth of prizes not just because they wish to show their gratitude to their loyal customers in an extravagant way but also because theyre getting something from it. Rarely, if ever, will a smart business owner give something for free and the same can be said for SEO contests.

If youre going to sponsor a SEO contest, make sure that you get something from it too!

Search engine optimization contests are contests that will test the knowledge and skills willing to showcase their talents in SEO. Competitors can be professionals, amateurs or both, depending on the rules of the SEO contest.

Objective People participating in an SEO contest are given the same keyword or key phrase. It will then be up to them to devise any SEO strategy in their disposal to create a website or even just a page if they so wish to make their website gain #1 ranking in Google or any other search engine specified in the rules of the contest.

Challenge Firstly, the keyword or key phrase provided in the SEO contest is something that no one or maybe only a few other people are talking about so it would be hard for the contestants to find existing websites to immediately accept links to their newly created websites.

Secondly, Google doesnt look favorably on websites solely created for the purpose of winning an SEO contest. If you make use of the wrong SEO techniques, youll end up being blacklisted by Googles search engine spiders and that will naturally spell doom for any chances you may have of winning the SEO contest.

Time Theres of course a time limit to all SEO contests. Some SEO contests are only short-term and which is also better for SEO contestants because this allows them to explore more SEO techniques without having to worry about getting caught by any of the guard dogs of search engines.

Youre holding an SEO contest and youve volunteered to give away a tax-free cash prize of $5,000 to the winner. The five thousand dollar reward youre giving away can definitely be returned to you (plus interest even) by the following methods:

Media Blitz SEO contests always receive a lot of attention from the public. If youre holding an SEO contest for six months, for instance, then that means you get free publicity for half a year. People will continue talking about your SEO contest and you as the sponsor of course as long as the contest is running.

Keyword Choice Your keyword choice may contain the whole name or acronyms of your website or business. As such, all the contestants are inadvertently acting as your advertisers. Every time they make use of your keyword or key phrase, theyre automatically advertising about your website! The more people who join your contest, the more free advertisers you get who arent in your payroll!

Linking You can require participants in your SEO contests to link back to you in their websites. You can also make up additional rules to create more links for your websites. And since people are naturally curious, theres a very likely possibility that theyll click on your link at least once just to know a bit more about the sponsor behind the SEO contest.

Determining How Much to Give You can give away cash or non-cash items just as long as theyre something that will make people want to join the SEO contest

Duration Even though a long-term SEO contest will provide more advertising for you, it can restrain the creativity of your contestants and put them in danger of getting blacklisted by search engines as well.

Rules Besides requiring your customers to place backlinks to your website, you can also specify that rules and prizes related to the contest can only be found in your website.

Always keep in mind that an SEO contest must benefit you and your contestants in order for the whole thing to work. If you manage to find ways for your SEO contest to benefit readers and the general audience as well then so much the better!

How to Spell Fortune in the Internet – Spelling Errors

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How to Spell Fortune in the Internet – Spelling Errors to Benefit SEO

Most of the time, bad spelling is attributed to people with inadequate education and websites that werent carefully planned, designed, and evaluated. Other times, bad spelling can be one of the major reasons why your business is doing great!

Spelling Errors Generally Spell Disaster
Generally speaking, yes, spelling errors spell disaster especially if those misspelled words are found in the most popular categories of your website and in important links. If youve badly misspelled a link, you are misdirecting traffic and hits that were supposed to go to your site are directed to someone elses! Also, spelling errors arent looked upon kindly by search engine spiders and they can definitely take away your brownie points if they notice that youve been failing in spelling one time too many.

The following are specific cases where spelling errors can definitely spell disaster for your website:

Serious Topics Selling commodities and providing entertainment are definitely not serious topics. If, however, youre talking about subjects such as law, business, or science then your credibility and ultimately your websites popularity will definitely diminish if youve committed too man spelling errors.

Intellectual Readers If majority of your readers are intellectually inclined or possessing advanced college degrees, your website will surely suffer a lot if you neglect to take care of your grammar and spelling. Solecisms are immediately noticed with this type of reader so if youre not sure about the spelling of a particular high-falluting word, dont bother using it!

Affiliates If you badly need links from reputable sources such as librarians, universities, business magazines and other professionals, your dismal talent in spelling may force them to refuse linking to your site.

Spelling Errors Can Spell Fortune
Of course, spelling errors are not unwelcome all the time. In numerous cases, it has in fact caused traffic and profit as well to increase for a particular website. If none of the cases mentioned above apply to you then you can very well make use of spelling errors for your website!

Commonly Spelled Words If your websites URL or any of its keywords or key phrases features commonly spelled words, make sure that you include the misspelled versions as well in your SEO keyword list. Think of words like your and youre or their or there. Of course, those are just pronouns and unlikely to be part of your keyword list but they are commonly spelled, right? So the trick is finding those that are relevant to your website!

Commonly Spelled Names Names are often misspelled as well. If your product has the name Marian in it, you should be aware that there are other acceptable ways of spelling that name such as Marianne or Mariane. Misspelled versions are harder to determine when it comes to proper names because theres no limit to the spelling creativity of people. To help you on this, use keyword tracking software and tools to learn about the most common misspelled versions of your keywords.

Similar Sounding Words, Names, and Terms Lets go back to our previous example and tackle the name Marian once more. This name sounds like Marion, doesnt it? So if a person has simply heard about your website and decides to type it in his browser, he may end up typing Marion instead of Marian, isnt it?

You have to understand that misspelled versions are not the exclusive product of bad spelling. Spelling errors can also be committed unintentionally and unconsciously due to inaccurate information.

Evaluating the Profitability of Spelling Errors
Not all of your deliberate attempt to misspell errors will bring luck and fortune to your website. Some will just end up irritating your readers. Use a keyword tracking software or tool to see which spelling errors brought money and retain them. Spelling errors that brought your website nothing but headache should of course be removed from the list!

A word warning however when using spelling errors: dont overdo it. Majority of your content should of course be spelled rightly and is grammatically correct. Too much errors of this ilk can turn off your readers completely never mind if theyre not the intellectual sort. Limit your spelling errors only to what you truly believe will generate traffic and profit for your website!