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Why You Should Use WordPress As Your Choice Blogging Platform

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Why You Should Use WordPress As Your Choice Blogging Platform

There is no doubt that the blogging has changed the internet as we know it today. The days of boring, stale, static content websites are over. Bloggers have become a source of fresh and interesting content for internet users across the world. The blogosphere is constantly evolving and changing thanks to this seemingly unending stream of interesting information published by regular people like you. The great thing about the blogosphere is that anyone can contribute to it. You can start blogging and get your word out there today with a great open source blogging platform known as WordPress. Install this software on your website and you can have a blog up and running in no time. Never heard of WordPress? Well these top companies and publications have:

The New York Times
Yahoo’s Corporate Blog
CNN’s Political Ticker
Sony Playstation Blog
Southwest Airlines

The list goes on and on…

You’re probably thinking: if all these huge companies use this software called WordPress, it’s probably too complicated for a beginning blogger like me. That is just absolutely wrong. WordPress is very simple to use and anyone can start blogging with it. The reason why such large companies and small-time bloggers alike use WordPress is the simplicity, flexibility, and easy of use. Let’s not forget WordPress is absolutely free and open source. Here are some of the benefits of using WordPress as your blogging platform of choice:

An easy to use blogging platform. Write in a WYSIWYG editor, save drafts, and publish when you’re ready.
A huge community full of support, free templates, plugins, and additional addons and modifications for your blog.
A dynamic theming system, change the look of your entire blog with one click.
Generate “SEO-friendly” permalinks with the click of a button.
Built-in RSS feed functionality.
Categorize and tag your blog posts.
Create static pages.
Integrated search box.
Automatic pinging to the top blog ping services.

The possibilities are literally endless…

With the thousands upon thousands of other blogs running WordPress, it’s popularity is undeniable. Give it a test drive yourself by signing up for a free hosted blog at WordPress.com or take the plunge and host it yourself. Take advantage of the variety of free tools and resources associated with this popular open source blogging software. Happy blogging!

Understanding WordPress-Gives You Flexibility

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It’s a fair statement to say that most people think of WordPress (commonly abbreviated as WP) as being primarily a blogging platform. And while it is true that it works quite well for that; understanding WordPress means having a better idea of all it can do. Here are a few things that make it an ideal choice for many different types of sites.

Flexibility is one of the most attractive features of the WordPress platform. You can set up WP as a blog, to share content, as a membership site, or to sell products and services. Because it was originally set up for blogging, it’s really easy to allow your customers to share comments with you; however, you can just as easily turn this feature off if you like. The amount of customizing that can be done is nearly endless. Beginners can quickly make some basic changes to make their site unique, but WordPress is also robust enough to allow advanced users to make even more changes. Much of this can be done through the dashboard, but more intricate changes will require changing the code; which brings us to the next point…

The WordPress community is at the heart of what makes everything else work so well. This is due, in large part, to the fact that WP is open source. That means anybody can develop add-ons (called plugins), themes (site designs) and other things that make WordPress useful for webmasters. Also, if you need to know how to do something, you can usually find the answer quite quickly. Understanding WordPress means understanding the large community that not only uses it, but contributes to it as well.

Themes can be thought of as skins that make your site look different. However, that description is a bit simplistic as themes are more than just graphics. Themes cover the entire look of your site when using WP. Graphics will be a big part of it, but fonts, links, pages, layout and more can all be changed to fit the theme. All of this is done automatically when you download and install the theme. However, you still have the flexibility, and can alter the theme as needed for your purposes.

Plugins go hand-in-hand with themes when it comes to customizing WordPress. There are all kinds of plugins; some are nothing more than window dressing, while others are essential. If you want to use WP to earn money, then you can get plugins to help you build a mailing list, generate affiliate links, and sell any number of products. There are also security plugins that will keep your site from getting hacked. Another popular type of plugin amongst internet marketers is the membership plugin. These plugins let you limit access to your site to paying members (or anyone with the right password).

The best thing about WordPress is that it’s free to download and install. Many of the themes and plugins are also free. However, there are paid options as well. If a paid option fits what you’re looking for, then by all means…get it. Consider it an investment in the success of your business.

What Is Blogging – It Depends

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The internet hasn’t been around all that long, but it has quickly become a part of our daily lives. Even if we don’t go online every day, you can bet that the people and businesses we deal with do go online every day. But regardless of who is going online or why, it all comes down to one thing: communication. One of the most popular forms of this is the blog. But what is blogging? That’s a straightforward question, so let’s take a look at the answer.

The word ‘blog’ derives it name from a combination of the words ‘web log’. When they first started, that’s exactly what they were. Most people would use them as a form of an online journal of their daily lives, and many of them would only share their blogs with family and friends. Then came what are commonly called mommy blogs. These were blogs typically started by stay at home moms to communicate with other moms, but they also added some elements of making money to their blogs. Next were the flat-out money making blogs which tend to be more contrived; with each post being designed to maximize the revenue of the blog.

So, when someone asks “what is blogging?”, the best answer is “it depends”. That’s because each type of blog requires a different approach. However, there are several similarities between all blogs. Updating your blog on a regular basis, making it look good, and driving traffic to it are a few of the things most blogs have in common.

One of the best things about blogs is that you can start blogging for free. The WordPress and Blogger platforms are just two of the services that allow you to easily set up a blog and to do so for no cost at all. However, you will have to host your blog on their servers, and your domain name will contain “blogger” or “wordpress” as part of it. If you have a blog that’s meant for family and friends, then this should be okay. However, if you plan on making money with your blog, then you need to buy your own domain name and hosting.

To get started, figure out what you want your blog to be about. Once that’s done, you can think of a name for your blog. The next step is to go to whichever blogging site you want to try (Blogger, WordPress, etc.) and sign up for an account. If someone else already has used the same name for their blog (when using the free option), you will have to come up with a different name.

Now you’re ready to start posting to your blog. This is usually done by logging into your blogging account and then clicking on “new post”. Write your post, then click “submit”. There you go! You have just made your first post. Now if some asks you what is blogging, you can say it’s an easy way to have your own site online.

Domain For Sale – Tips For Domain Buying

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Want to buy a domain for sale? Not sure where to look? Well, I’ve got some answers for you. Having your own domain name is step one to having a successful internet business. Many people mistakenly think that it’s ok to go with the free services such as Yahoo, WordPress or Blogger. If you’re only building a blog so you can keep in touch with family or friends than that’s a good way to go about it, but if you’re trying to make money online there are several reasons why that isn’t the best course of action.

For one thing, when you use the free services you don’t own anything. You are completely at the mercy of the company, and their policies. If they decide they don’t like something in your blog they can pull the plug, and they don’t have to warn you or give you an explanation. You don’t want to spend weeks, months or years building up a successful business to just wake up one day and find that your website has been offline.

The second thing is that you want to brand yourself. As you build your business you want to gain name recognition. This is a very important element to any successful business and without your own domain name it’s virtually impossible. If you are using free services it just makes you look unprofessional, this is especially bad if you’re trying to build yourself up as a teacher in a certain field.

Now that I’ve convinced you that you need to invest in your own domain names, you need to know how to pick the best name and where to buy one. For most people the best way to pick out a good domain name is to start with keyword research. Pick a list of highly searched keywords in your niche market and then try to get those exact keywords as domain names.

For example, if your niche is dog training and you find a great keyword: Quick and easy dog training. Than you would try to get QuickAndEasyDogTraining.com as your domain name. You do want to keep the domain name around 3 or 4 words max, but with a domain name like this you will get a ton of free traffic since your domain name is the exact search term people are looking for.

Now that you’ve decided on what your domain names should be you can go to places like GoDaddy.com or DomainCheapsters.com and do a search to see if the domain name you want is available. Many times it won’t be, that’s why it’s important to have quite a long list of possible names. I personally recommend using other extensions than just a .com. I’ve found that I have just as good luck with a .net or .org (it can also be easier to get one of these extensions). If you buy just one domain name at a time for a one year period it’s usually around $10 a year. You can get a discount if you buy more than one domain name at a time or if you buy it for several years in advance.

I personally don’t buy my domain names for more than a year at a time at first, true you’ll have to renew it in a year (the company you bought it from will let you know when it needs to be renewed) but why pay for several years for a domain name that might not be a moneymaker? I personally like to pay for one year until I know whether or not I’ve found a moneymaking niche, when I know I’ve got a profitable niche on my hands I’ll pay for several years in advance.

There you go, everything you need to know when it comes time to find a domain for sale. Having your own domain name is one of the most important steps in building a profitable online empire.

The Good Things About Blogging For Business

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Blogs can be an effective platform for your business. In fact, blogging for business is now a new trend. Blogs are easy to create and inexpensive. In fact, there are several websites that submission blogs for free such as WordPress and Blogger. A blog is also inexpensive to maintain. All you have to do is to regularly post entries related to your businessproduct or service information, related news, tips, tutorials, and various others. It doesn’t require any tech savvy to upload ecstatic because the instructions are user friendly and are easy to understand. Plus, your uploaded content is almost instantly published on your blog page. Therefore, if you have any important announcement regarding your business operation or any product update, rest assured that it will be immediately available to your target viewers. You can also create several blogs for each of your distinct product lines.

The abutting are some of the advantages of blogging for business:

It Provides A Massive Product / Service Exposure

Blogs can be easily tracked by major search engines such as Yahoo and Google as extensive as you regularly upload high – quality content like articles, photos, and videos. Each blog article you submit is indexed by search engines. To further increase your traffic, you can leave comments on other blogs and have your page linked to these blogs. This will proffer to the increase of your search engine ranking. Another feature that you can use is the RSS Feed, a built – in syndication feature that will enable your readers to see and gain access to your content even without actually visiting your page. Through this feature, you keep your readers updated and intrinsic would be easy for them to see whether there’s smash new in the blog, at which point they can delicate click on the link to be directed to your page.

It Becomes A Break Board for Your Dormant and Existing Customers

A lot of people go online, so blogging enables you to reach out to a wide range of customers in various demographics. You can connect with your customers on a more symptomatic level, from content to video. You can upload a video bearings you can talk to them about your product professionally to generate more trust and confidence on you and on your product or service. You can also get feedbacks from your visitors forasmuch as that you will know the strengths and weaknesses of your products. This street, you can further improve them. You can also channel polls or surveys thus that you will know the preferences of your target market.

It Gives Prospects for Preferred Profit

With a blog, you can gain profit minus all the expenses. Your aid will continuously increase as sales go up with very diminutive price on your part. Establishing a business blog will significantly reduce your advertising cost due to maintaining a blog is way much cheaper than the commonplace ways of advertising. Further since it also reaches a wide range of internet users, the circumstance of attracting buyers is greater. Therefore, the prospect for greater profit is inevitable.

If you’re a business hotelkeeper who is operating a relatively small enterprise or is just starting, you can take advantage of blogging for business to further increase your growth potential. To optimize your blog function, you can explore the different blog features such as plug – ins or add – ons, flash media, widgets, RSS feeds, again many others.

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